Best Selling Sonos Playbar TV Soundbar Wireless Speaker

The soundbar market is relatively new for most companies but we’ve already seen numerous famous brands with their novelties. One of such brands is Sonos, a well-known name in audio electronics. Some people even say that if Apple sold speakers, they would work like Sonos products. Amazon presented their rendition of a soundbar, the Sonos Playbar TV Soundbar Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker, which works with Alexa. It’s worth looking at. Here’s the brief review.

It’s called Playbar and at first sight it’s quite attractive. The Soundbar boasts a sleek design with rounded edges. The main body is made of metal and plastic. Inside the Playbar has 9 dynamics: 6 mid-frequency and 3 high-frequency tweeters. On the back side there are two Ethernet ports and one (for the Internet) and one port for optical cable to connect the Soundbar to TVs.

Sonos Playbar

To operate the Playbar there’s a free app, called Sonos Controller. It’s available for iPhones (or iPads), Android and Windows devices. This app is both a control panel and an audio system for the Playbar. Through Wi-Fi you can operate the Playbar with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The Playbar is a significant improvement to the sound of your TV. This soundbar produces a very broad sound range. In action movies every shot, crash or explosion will be enjoyable for your ears. The surround system works really well, so users would feel like they are in a movie theatre. If you want something more, you can pair the Playbar with the Sub (another Sonos product) speaker to create an immersive 3.1 sound. The Sonos Playbar is a perfect addition to your home theatre. It may be expensive but the price is justified by its amazing performance.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar
Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker
Works with Alexa

Sonos Playbar