iQueue – Great Mobile App that Can Wait in Line for You

Waiting in queues is something that we all hate, especially if the queues are too long. And there’s no way to save this time by yourself – you have to stand there and wait. Thankfully, a new app comes to rescue.

The app, called iQueue, is very cool – it can find you a person who will take your place in the lane, wait there for any time and buy anything for you whether it’s concert tickets or a new smartphone. Obviously, the service isn’t free – you have to pay your “queuer” hourly. iQueue offers several packages depending on the time that the person has to wait for. The prices range from 15$ for 1 hour to $185 for 18 hours. Besides, the company provides you with photo and video updates every 15 minutes.

According to the creators of the app, the most popular requests to their service are shoes, concert tickets and mobile devices. Right now, the app is launched only in Singapore where 10 professional “queuers”, mostly students, are ready to stand in lines. Later, the app will go to other countries too.