How to Get Different Graphic Designs for Product Packaging?

Back in the day’s product packaging was not much thought about, however, these days brands are more and more concerned about packaging, in fact, you can recognize a brand entirely from its packaging. The changes in the market have now put forward various demands and trends that you need to consider while deciding onto packaging for a certain product. Nowadays 3D product packaging has an additional responsibility which is to attract and leave an impact on the customer. Your packaging needs to convey the message the brand wants to convey.

The responsibility of having good packaging designs lies in the hands of a graphic designer. The designers must put efforts and dedication in making innovative and creative designing ideas. A graphic designer is well aware of the relevance and importance of designing in packages and labels. As a result, the designers are more concerned and keen about knowing various tips regarding graphic designing they are constantly looking for different graphic designs that can make their product packaging impressive and persuasive.

Graphic Designs for Product Packaging

In the world of digital signage, graphics designing does tend to influence most of the customers and affects the buying decision. However, the constant changes in the trends and emergence of new technologies do tend to drift the market trends in graphic designing which makes it quite difficult to gauge what would work for the packaging.

To make it all easy for you we have jotted down some of the points that can be really helpful for the graphic designs in product packaging.


Gradients are widely used by graphic designers to create some of the most innovative and creative designs. Gradients are actually a part of flat design enhancements. Flat designing are constantly emerging in the field of graphic designing and are used to make the packaging designs more impressive. The updated version is also called as flat 2.0. They are quite popular on social media accounts and people seem to love the gradient combinations this is why they are being used by graphic designers in the packaging industry as well. While using gradients you can also find a transition in the color combination used which is getting quite popular. It basically included combinations of smooth and vibrant colors to make the designs more creative and user-friendly.

Responsive logos

Well, responsive logos have been around there for a while and the trend just doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. Designers these days are more interested in making responsive logos not only they are an apt choice for packaging designs but best suited for mobile devices too.

The key is to design responsive, simple yet unique logo designs. This way the logo design will serve all the perspectives of packaging designs and device use.

Bold fonts and typography

Using fonts that are easily readable and are big is a great deal. In designing, fonts do create a completely different visual effect. Taglines or punch lines that are properly highlighted and are easily readable create an impressive visual effect. In fact, a nice typography can also improve the overall design or give a completely different appearance to the design. Helvetica family is one of the bold fonts that are widely used in the designing industry and continue to dominate the typography of most of the packaging designs. Also, the packaging does look creative when you incorporate handmade fonts not only they create a better connection with the customer but also look eye-catching.

Also, creative font styles, layouts, images, and bold typography does create an aesthetic effect on the customer.

Geometric and conceptual patterns

Color patterns can be used create an impact on the customer. It is also important to create a packaging design with colors that match the sole motive of the brand. Graphics that have a conceptual pattern and tell a story are a great option to use. Anything that is visually creative and can connect with the audience is something you must consider.

Geometric patterns are becoming notable in the graphic designing business. Moreover, the trend is bound to connect with the audience in a better way. In graphic designing, if you are able to create a story through your designs that can connect with the audience and create an evocative message. Creating abstract designs for your brand’s packaging is a great way to connect with the audience through conceptual patterns and designs.

Moody color schemes

Most of the brand packaging designs are influenced by solid colors. Be it high ends brands or other brands the packaging designs are influenced by moody color schemes. This kind of pattern is quite popular in graphic designing as it creates a more subtle appearance. Earlier moody tones were not considered to be a great option as they were not bright enough to be visually appealing. However, the myth has been busted by most of the graphic designers and the packaging designs used in the industry these days. These days most of the designers prefer using moody color palettes to be projected on a screen, paper, packages, and labels.

In fact, moody scheme patterns do give a clear and impressive layout on the packages. The easiest way to use moody tones is by applying moody filters to the designs.

Colored fonts

The crucial part of creating impressive and innovative designs for packaging is using the right color scheme. If you are unable to create a visual effect from the colors then you are losing out on many things. Colored fonts are a part of typography, yet they are different in many ways. The color you use for your font can make or break your design. The color font that goes well with the design is a win-win situation. It is aesthetically pleasing and also relatable to the audience.


When it comes to packaging graphic designs do play a crucial part in creating innovative designs. These designers shall focus on keeping the designs subtle, innovative and unique. The key is to follow the basic trends in the market and use them to create fairly unique designs. Graphic designing is altogether a creative industry that can completely change the outlook of a packaging design. If you are looking for digital graphics packaging in California then you can find a number of creative designers, however, make sure to choose the best.