Graphene Technology Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones

We are all big music listeners and enjoy speaking on our mobile devices while being hands free. However, regular headphones can become uncomfortable with the cord always tangling up or breaking. ERL Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones, that are offered on Indiegogo, are a pair that will become your next best friend.

These headphones are made with graphene technology, that provides with sharp and clear sound. Made to stay tight in place, they spread evenly inside the ear. Even during working out or playing sports, they are sure to stay in place. Built in Bluetooth feature, makes it quick and easy to connect to your mobile device, for listening to music, audiobooks, or even talking on the phone.

Wireless Earphones on Indiegogo

The package of the headphones, also includes a charging box, which allows you to always fully charge them, and later use for up to 4 hours. Just 15 minutes of charging, will already supply users with 45 minutes of usage time. To add to all that, these ERL wireless headphones are sweat proof, which makes them even more attractive to those who live an active lifestyle.

Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones

Voice control, opens up many different options and allows you to command different tasks. These ERL wireless headphones have been offered, produced and presented on the Indiegogo (image source) platform, where you too can check them out.

They are sleek, trendy, and high quality. They will be of great convenience and will provide with a whole new music listening experience. We can recommend it to our users, especially since wireless headphones are quickly gaining popularity. Be one of the first owners of such a pair!