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GPS Navigator Camera 5-Inch Smart Rearview Mirror

Today, it comes as no surprise when we see a dashboard camera or DVR in a car. It’s not just an accessory – the footage from the camera can serve as evidence in case of accidents or other situations. On the market, you can find all kinds of DVRs but if you want something really peculiar, you should check out rearview-mirror cameras. These gadgets are made in an interesting form factor and they are much more functional. One of the best examples is the next 5-inch Android GPS Navigator Camera Smart Rearview Mirror. Here’s the review.

GPS Navigator Rear View Mirror Discount Code

This particular device has many talents. Basically, it’s like a mini-computer made in the shape of a rearview mirror. The device has a 5-inch touch-sensitive display and runs on Android 4.4. It even has a 1.2GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB storage. Android OS means that you get to have access to all Google Play apps and other services. You can listen to music from Google Play Music or watch videos on YouTube while waiting on a parking lot.

But let’s not get distracted. Most importantly, this is multi-functional DVR that can record video in both directions: inside and outside of the car. The wide-angle 170-degree lens with a 350-degree rotation can film everything around you. What’s more, the camera delivers great quality. It supports 1920×1080 resolution at 30fps speed. If necessary, the camera can take photos as well. All files are saved on the gadget’s memory or the TF card (up to 32GB) that is inserted in the corresponding slot.

GPS Navigator Camera 5-Inch Smart Rearview Mirror

In addition, the camera is equipped with other great features, like 8x digital zoom or loop recording. The camera also has motion detection and advanced night vision if you often drive at night.

Another great purpose of this device is navigation. Using built-in GPS, you can always be aware of your location even if you end up in an unfamiliar place. A pleasant navigator voice will tell you where to go helping you not get lost.

GPS Navigator Camera 5-Inch Smart Rearview Mirror review