GPS Gadget for Hiking – Bushnell BackTrack G2

One of the biggest threats for cyclists, campers or hikers is being lost. When you can’t find a way back to civilization and you’re stuck in the wilderness, most people start panicking. That’s when you need to pull yourself together and start thinking. There are some ways to find the right direction based on certain landmarks but instead of looking at the sky and searching for the North Star, you can use certain gadgets. Usually, a simple compass is extremely helpful in these situations but you can go even further and buy Bushnell BackTrack G2.

This is compact and practical device for anyone who likes spending time away from the city. Bushnell BackTrack G2 runs on a self-calibrating digital compass and GPS u-blox 6. The GPS receiver is highly sensitive – the accuracy reaches up to 5m. The device is able to store 3 different locations for you, so that you mark certain places and always be able find them.

Bushnell BackTrack G2

In addition, BackTrack G2 has a couple of other features that any traveler would appreciate: it has a water-resistant body and a backlit monochrome display.

The gadget would suit anybody because it’s easy to operate. There are only two buttons on it and one of them is a regular On/Off. Besides, there’s no worry about dead battery because BackTrack G2 works from 2 AAA batteries which can be replaced at any moment. The gadget itself saves energy – if it’s not used for 10 minutes, it shuts off.

All in all, Bushnell BackTrack G2 looks like a very simple gadget but it can be a life-saver. Even if you get lost in an unknown place, BackTrack G2 will help find the way back to the starting point of the journey. So, when you plan camping trip or a hike, take care about the safety of the trip with Bushnell BackTrack G2.