Best Outdoor GPS Gadget for Cycling Lovers

Are you a cyclist or just a casual bike rider? Either way RF-1 Cycling GPS with Lights and Video Camera will be a fun addition to your bicycle and it’s really one of the best outdoor GPS gadgets for cycling lovers. The biggest and most identifying feature of RF-1 is that it has all the environmental sensors you will need, including an accelerometer, altimeter and a barometer. The combination of all these “meters” gives you a good idea of your power output when cycling.

Other features that make this gadget unique is its super efficient LED lights, video camera with two modes, normal mode and dash mode, which allows you to capture your cycling adventure. With the battery life of 12+ hours you can truly capture every moment. And if the weather goes wary don’t worry because RF-1 is waterproof and can handle a little rain.

Gadget for Cycling Lovers

Launched successfully on Kickstarter RF-1 is powered by Android 7.0 system which almost makes it like a phone. You can sync it with your actual phone and retrieve all your cycling data and videos of your cycling journey. In the future the developers also plan on to add a feature where apps could be downloaded to your RF-1. All the most important features all in one gadget makes this something every cyclists should have.