Best GPS Bike Computer and Specially Designed Bike Mount

KOM Cycling front handlebar mount for bikes will be able to improve your cycling experience even more. This little affordable tool is compatible with Wahoo Elemnt, Elemnt Bolt as well as Elemnt Mini Bike computers. Therefore, you can place this device on the handlebar to track your activities and have your progress visible. The handle mount comes in 2 different versions, so it is specially created for two cycling computers.

Featured by secure and safe lock, it ensures that your bike computer serves you longer and does not fall off. The mount is very easy to install, seriously, anybody can do it in less than 60 seconds. The spacers (for 22.2mm & 25.4mm Handlebars) come together with the mount, therefore, it will fit any handlebar size. Start winning greater battles with this tool.

Besides, Wahoo touts the Elemnt as the absolute most connected bike computer on the marketplace. It’s quick so following that, you can look it over immediately on the Wahoo. You may check out the gadget details. The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is among the smallest and most aerodynamic cycling computers on the marketplace. The main configuration of the ELEMNT is going to be done via the app on your phone. Many users love the Wahoo bike computer because it’s very easy to use. As soon as your device is initiated, you will need to load in maps and a route. Your ride is going to be mapped on you smartphone, which means you get GPS data with a complete ride history including your route and elevation. It’s handy and simple to never have to think about recharging your cycling computer, but you’re going to eventually have to replace the inexpensive battery.