Google Wireless Music and Video Streamer

Google has made our lives easier in many aspects. Of course, the company is more known as the most popular search engine in the world but it’s involved in other technology areas. For example, 3 years ago Google released Chromecast – a small device that allows you to stream videos from a smartphone or a tablet to a TV set. This one was then followed by Chromecast Audio and we will tell you a bit more about it.

You may easily deduce what Chromecast Audio does – it’s kind of a wireless bridge between smartphones and speakers, used for streaming music. But this isn’t a regular device. First of all, it has a very distinctive size – it’s incredibly small, even tiny. Only 5cm in diameter, it can fit easily in your pocket.

Google Wireless Music Streamer

Despite its size, Chromecast Audio is a pretty functional device. Using two cables – one for the speaker and the other for power source – you set up the streamer. Then, take your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or even a laptop  and connect it to Chromecast Audio via Wi-Fi. After that, you can blast your favorite tunes from any speaker in your house. Music can be streamed from any services, like Spotify, Google Play Music or others. You won’t even have to get other apps – just turn on the app of your favorite music service, tap the Cast button and enjoy.

The sound quality is actually very good, mostly due to the Wi-Fi connection. It contributes to lossless and high-resolution audio along with smooth listening experience without interruptions if you get a text message or another notification. You can also pair Chromecast Audio with other devices from Google, like Google Home smart speaker, creating a sound “ecosystem” in your house.

So, at its small price ($30), Chromecast Audio is a pretty functional accessory for music enthusiasts around the world. If you don’t have wireless speakers, it’s a great way to still be able to stream music from your smartphone or other devices all around your house.

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