Google Will Build the City of the Future

What’s the most hi-tech place in the world? Most people would name the Silicon Valley – the home for many companies and innovations. But what about the whole hi-tech city? This idea is more realistic than it seems. In fact, Google created a special company called Sidewalk Labs which will take control of this ambitious project.

In building its experimental city, Google will use the latest technologies in various fields. The city will be as innovative as possible, environmentally friendly to the highest level and also incredibly comfortable for people’s lives. According to plans, the construction will start from a small district, where numerous technical innovations will be tested. If the project shows its relevance and potential, Google will be a few more districts around the existing one.

The purpose of this project is to prove that an innovative urban environment can significantly improve the population’s living standard, as well as reduce the negative impact of large cities on the environment. Technologies will affect not only urban transport and infrastructure, but also the sphere of city management and its social services. While Google doesn’t reveal the location of its city of the future, the company promises to make more announcements later.