Google Going to Update Android Smartwatches

Although Android Wear has had a bit of a standstill, it doesn’t mean that Google forgot about smartwatch market. Some people even pointed out that this pause has a reason – Google is preparing some major releases. And considering the following news, this seems to be the truth.

Google has officially announced that in the beginning of 2017 two brand-new smartwatches will be unveiled to the audience. In fact, both devices will be fitted with the latest Android Wear 2.0 operating system. The smartwatches won’t be made by Google. Like in the case of Nexus or Pixel smartphones, Google cooperated with another company which actually produced both smartwatches. The name of the company is still to be revealed.

The updated Android Wear will have great compatibility – according to Google representatives, even iOS devices will be able to support it. This is a bold decision from Google but we’ll see how it goes. Besides, the company assures the customers that all devices running on Android Wear (like Asus, Huawei or LG smartwatches) will have access to the updated version.

Anyway, we can only be happy that Google is taking decisive measures with Android Wear. Given that the smartwatch market is pretty competitive with companies, like Apple, Samsung or FitBit, you have to be flexible to be able to stay afloat.