Google Pixel 2 Smartphone Has Screen Problems

Google Pixel 2 was definitely one of the biggest releases of 2017 on the smartphone market. Unfortunately, when first customers started receiving their brand-new smartphones, a noticeable flaw was spotted – a lot of Pixel 2 XL smartphones has serious screen problems.

First complaints didn’t sound that bad – users noticed the lack of colour brightness and graining on the display. After that, the issues got worse – some users reported that the screen on their smartphone burnt in. Customers pointed out that they could see vaguely Android navigation buttons when looking at the screen with a grey background.

It’s worth mentioning that burnt-in screens aren’t a rare thing in smartphones but the issue doesn’t usually occur in the first week of use. The same goes for OLED displays – some of them tend to burn in but only after a few years.

Google representatives already commented on the situation and promised to actively investigate the case. Anyway, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, so Google must solve this problem as soon as possible.