Google Pixel 2: Possible Improvements

Google Pixel and Pixel XL turned out to be very successful: they were nice-looking and powerful. However, the unjustifiably high price was a big concern. Despite the price, the overall impression was positive. But now, there are conversations about upcoming second version.

An interesting piece of information came from the director of the Pixel project Krishna Kumar. He decided to make a survey among the Pixel users and ask them about what they like, don’t like and what needs improving.

The first responses were immediate. The majority of users wanted thinner frames, frontal speakers, dust and water resistance. Some other surveyed users asked the company to take care of the availability of new Pixels because previous versions really were in short supply.

In any case, it’s rather nice to see that Google appreciates the opinion of users and does everything to appeal to the customer. Hopefully, other companies would follow this practice in the future because a satisfied customer is the best way to success.