Google Assistant Is the Smartest Mobile Voice Helper

More and more gadgets become voice activated. Just recently, Apple announced its smart speaker integrated with Siri. Other than that, there are other famous ones, like Google Assistant, Alexa or Cortana. To find out, which one is the smartest, ZDNet conducted a test and just published the results.

For the test, the 4 aforementioned voice assistants were used. During the experiment, all of them were asked around 5 000 questions. The answers were evaluated based on several criteria, for example, how well the voice assistants understand questions or if they answer themselves or refer to other resources.

The results were quite interesting. Google Assistant took the first spot on the list having understood 68% of questions. In fact, 90% of the answers were correct. The second place surprisingly went to Cortana – 56% and 82% respectively. The third place belongs to Alexa. Interestingly, Siri came last and managed to understand only 21% of the questions with 62% correct answer percentage.

In any case, while the first place was quite predictable, the Siri results were disappointing. Still, with new updates in iOS 11, Siri is likely to become smarter and more advanced.