Google and Levi Strauss Smart Jacket for Bikers

Last year, during one conference Google introduced a smart cycling jacket called Commuter Trucker. This piece of garment device was created in cooperation with the famous clothing brandLevi Strauss. The jacket was expected to go on sale this spring but there were no confirmation of it until now. During the SXSW 2017 conference, Google announced that Commuter Trucker will hit the stores.
At first sight, this is a completely regular jacket. In reality, it is packed with technological stuff. Commuter Trucker was sewn with special conducting threads capable of detecting touches and swipes of the user. Besides, there is a small tracker on the sleeve which follows all movement and transmits the data via Bluetooth to the accompanying app on a smartphone.
Using the smart jacket, users will be able to operate music, take or refuse incoming calls, do navigation through maps, and so on. And users won’t even have to pull their smartphones out of the pockets. Commuter Trucker is finally appearing in stores in autumn for $350.