New 2018 Extremely Good Organized Mobile Charging Box

Wanting a new and updated method of charging your mobile devices? Then most likely you have searched all over the web for an ideal item. Of course, there are different fast charging cables, power banks, charging stations and so on. A new 2018 Powerful and extremely good organized Mobile Charger that was recently introduced, is the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution, that some might also want to bring their attention to.

This FuelBox charging solution is an item that combines both a docking station and a portable power bank. The top part of the charging solution is the boostPack. The boostPack has a 6,7000 mAh battery that will provide users with more than 25 additional hours of power, or 2 to 4 full charges. To be even more convenient, it has a built in Apple lightning cable and a Micro USB cable, for fitting all of your devices. It will charge your smartphone two to three times faster than the usual.

Fuelbox Organized Mobile Charging Box

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The dock part is also extremely handy. Install it onto your power outlet, and your outlet will be free for other devices, but will still charge your mobile phones. That is due to the fact that it also has an Apple lighting cable and a Micro USB cable build into it. A USB charging port is also included on the side of the dock. Place the boostPack onto the dock and it will magnetically stay in place and charge. This item is great for at home use, or on the go during your busy weekdays. It is suitable for just about any device out there.

Bring your attention to this FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution that is currently introduced on the Indiegogo platform. It is being offered for the best price possible right now!