Smart Golf Game Shot Tracker with App

GAME GOLF live tracking system is one of the world’s first shot trackers designed to work for both iPhone iOS and Android mobile devices. This gadget will allow you to track the game and know the most important milestones. It can afterwards visualize your performance and give you instant feedback. The wearable monitor uses GPS services to capture your performance in the real time.

You will also get the possibility to benchmark your results. Finally, there is a possibility to participate in various tournaments. Based on your results, the tracker will provide you with smart tips. The smart monitor will then display all the necessary information on the smartphone screen. You can also track your club performance, ask your friends to join a game, or even create a tournament! GAME GOLF has the largest dataset of on-course usage in the industry. Depending on your point of view, it could be viewed as pricey or save you a lot of money in making your practice more productive.

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