Godox V860IIC 2.4G Professional Wireless Camera Flashlight

Photography is a popular hobby, and even a job for many people. In order to capture great shots, it is important that one has high quality camera accessories. As many photographers probably know, most DSLR cameras do not have the best flash installed. For that reason, additional flashes are usually bought. We have taken a look at the Godox V860IIC 2.4G Professional Wireless Camera Flashlight for Canon cameras, that we want to share more about in this review.

This camera flash is very easy to install onto any canon brand camera. It has a built-in 2.4 GHz wireless system that helps in transmitting and receiving. The exposure control system provides with an E-TTL auto flash or manual flash, where the photographer can choose whatever is needed at that moment that they are capturing. As well as that, this flash has a sync mode of high-speed, first-curtain and second-curtain sync.
Professional Wireless Camera Flashlight

In addition to that, the photographer has the option of FT-16s, where one can adjust the parameters of the flash, and trigger it. The flash also has a separate LCD screen, that allows one to make sharp and handy actions. This LCD display also lights up green when the flash is set to master setting, and red when it is on manual setting. It also supports HSS, FEC, and FEB functions. This camera flash also has 1.5s recycle time and 650 full power flash times. The coverage of this flash ranges from 20 to 200 mm. It has a vertical rotation angle of -7 to 90 degrees, and a horizontal rotation angle of 0 to 360 degrees. The duration of the flash is 1/300 to 1/20000s. To add to all this, it has a stable consistency and color temperature for bright and lively photographs. This camera flash has a 2000 mAh battery, that is easily recharged and will last for quite the time.

To say the least, this Godox V860IIC camera flash is high quality, and will provide with the opportunity to take amazing quality photographs, even in the darker times of the day. It has many great characteristics and is offered for a decent price, compared to many other accessories for DSLR cameras.

Godox V860IIC 2.4G flashlight