Full Protective Laptop Backpack With Built-in Big Battery

Laptop bags seem more professional and are less difficult to use, whilst laptop backpacks are somewhat more comfortable and allow flexibility of movement. The wonderful thing about a laptop backpack you could carry as a briefcase is it always appears appropriate in any circumstance, especially if it’s featured as a full and 100 % protective. Laptop backpacks have a broader shape, and can accommodate bigger items. They, on the other hand, can carry quite a few other items along with the laptop, such as Ghostek Notebook Bag.

Laptop Backpack With Built-in Battery

Ghostek NRGbag is a functional and powerful laptop backpack that would become one of your best friends, as it will be with you any time you leave home. The overall capacity of the backpack is 40L. It will fit anything you want. There is a special 15.6 Inch Laptop pocket, which ensures that your computer is 100% safe. It is also equipped with multi-compartment pockets to organize different gadgets, wallet, keys, pens, books, clothes and water bottles.

The backpack is made of premium durable eco-friendly water resistant polyester. So, it would survive any weather conditions.  And the best news is that the backpack has a built-in 16000mAh big battery with 3 USB ports. You will be able to always stay connected. Additionally, it is also convenient to charge devices on the go with this feature.