GGMM Smart Bluetooth Speaker + Airplay + Amazon Alexa

GGMM E2 - 100 Smart Speaker
You can also listen to the radio via this speaker and respond to Alexa calls (it even has a separate button for that feature), as well as perform other Alexa commands. Depending on the intensity of your usage, 14 hours of promised working time may last you from a month to a working week, if you, for example, give fitness classes. It goes without saying, the main feature of a speaker is do sound quality. There is barely no sound distortion with low to medium voice, and maximum sound is still crisp, but not so rich. If you want more bass, go for the E3 model. Remember that E2 has no AUX jack, but it has AUX IN function if using micro USB to AUX adapter.
To summarize about GGMM E2 Smart Bluetooth Speaker, such a loudspeaker is a nice investment. It has a beautiful and stable core, versatile functions (but watch out if you really need them or your smartphone is always on hand and copes well), and decent sound quality. Practically, this loudspeaker is something like a personal assistant with a possibility to upgrade it and integrate into future smart systems instead of throwing it away and splurging on a new one.

GGMM E2 – 100 Smart Bluetooth Speaker,
Support Amazon Alexa voice, Airplay Function
Bluetooth 4.2, USB interface

GGMM Smart Bluetooth Speaker