Best Selling Gesture Recognition Smart Action Camera

Broadcast and record every single adventure, and all of its twists and turns. Best companion for any journey is a compact mini action camera. Best known brands such as Sony and GoPro have torn the market with popularity, as their features became loved by many. A less known, more simple but convenient camera, is the best selling CG010 AI Gesture Recognition Smart Action Sports Camera. In this review, we will observe its specs and features.

This camera might not be the exact action camera that you are looking for. It is not waterproof, and does not have night vision. Although, its affordable price offers great features for day use, shooting high quality photos and videos. One of the main aspects in an action camera, is the small size that allows users to easily bring it along and fit in just about any location. CG010 is just 4.40 X 4.40 X 2.60 cm, with a small weight of only 66 grams.

Sports Smart Action Camera

Not all cameras have a proper lens and resolution for clear shots. This camera has a 13.0-megapixel camera that is high definition and is made to capture all of the true colors that you enjoy and love in real life. Photographs are great, but what is even better? That is right, a high-quality video. CG010 action camera has a 720-pixel video resolution with 30fps frame rate, as well as built in microphone and speaker. The microphone is made to pick up just the needed sound, without all of the unnecessary background noise.

Not always do we want to hold the camera in our hand to capture selfies and other shots, but placing it on top of a surface can often leave unstable and shaken photos and videos. However, this action camera has a sturdy magnetic absorption and PU sticker allowing you to attach it to a comfortable surface, for hands free shooting.

CG010 AI Action Camera

Often different angles are not captured, but with a 360-degree rotatable base, CG010 adjusts to your preference. During hands free shooting, easy controlling can be done with gesture recognition. Stretch out your hand or make a fist to send a certain command for creative shots. Selfies can be regulated with different features for beauty shots. For example, one has the option to keep different details, while whitening, grinding skin or removing certain other ones. With built in WiFi, at a distance of 10 meters, one can link the camera to a “MoCamera” App on a smartphone device. As you might not know, downloading the App, will open up many other features for your enjoyment, such as single shooting, continuous shooting, short video and quick preview.

In order for it all to run smoothly Cortes A53 processor is installed with a frequency of 1.35GHz. 910mAh Li-ion battery that charges via a USB cable, will provide with up to 2 hours of working time. Store all photos and videos onto the 8GB memory space included, and even expand it up to 32GB with a TF card.

CG010 AI Action Camera, a portable, convenient and reasonable camera for quick and fun shots. To conclude with, it has its downsides, but overall is a great family fun camera.


  • 360 degree free rotation + adjustable body
  • Smart gesture recognition
  • 720P HD video resolution
  • Magnetic absorption + PU sticker
  • Intelligent beauty shot
  • 8G ROM memory
  • Built-in microphone + speaker
  • 2 hours working time
  • Battery: 910mAh
  • Weight: 0.066kg
  • Size: 4.40 x 4.40 x 2.60 cm / 1.73 x 1.73 x 1.02 inches

Smart AI Action Camera with Gesture Recognition,
720P 3fps video, 360 degree free rotation

XiaoMo AI Action Camera