Bixi Gesture Controller for Smartphones and Mobiles devices

The French startup Bluemint Labs entered the mobile accessory market in 2016 with a gesture remote controller, called Bixi. The customers loved the device, so the “sequel” was really expected. And now, there is a second generation of this helpful accessory with a pretty logical name – Bixi 2.0.

With its miniature size, Bixi 2.0 is very compact device which can even be worn on a keychain. Behind this small package, there are a bunch of optical sensors which recognize gestures of a user. You have 8 different modes, programmed in this controller, like horizontal, vertical or even diagonal swipes. To activate the device, users have to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. After that, it’s possible to turn up volume, scroll through web pages or swipe the pages of eBook with only a slight hand movement.

Gesture Controller for Smartphones and Mobiles devices

Plus, Bixi 2.0 has many novelties compared to the first model. It’s fitted with an E-Ink display. Users will be able to see time, weather data or missed calls and text messages. Besides, Bixi 2.0 is integrated with Amazon Alexa, so it understands and reacts to voice commands. And last but not least, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery that works for almost a month. The first edition of Bixi is currently available in European countries but Bixi 2.0 can be pre-ordered with in the USA for $99. Shipments are starting in March.

Bixi - Gesture Controller for Smartphones