Gemini PDA Mobile Device With a Full Tactile Keyboard!

Most of us probably remember those older touch screen phones with a full size keyboard, that slides out or flips open. Smartphone these days have an on screen keyboard, that often is uncomfortable for many reasons. However, a PDA Mobile Device with a full size tactile keyboard has been introduced, the Gemini.

The Gemini is a modern mobile device on the market that includes a palm sized keyboard. In size it is about 17.14 cm x 7.93 cm x 1.51 cm, with a weight of 320 grams. The screen is fully high resolution with 2160 x 1080 pixel resolution , wide, touch screen and colourful, being 5.99 inches large.

Gemini mobile Device

WiFi and 4G are included for quickly surfing the web and downloading your favorite Apps. Dual speakers make all of the sound loud and clear. Android and Linux operating systems, provide with an option of which one is more of your preference. 4 GB RAM makes it fast and powerful for multitasking. 64 GB memory capacity provides plenty of space for all of your needs. Capturing photos is also possible with the 5.0 megapixel front camera. 4220 mAh battery installed, charges quickly and provides with plenty of usage throughout the day. In addition to all that, this Gemini smartphone is offered in two colors, metal or gold plated. All of these amazing features are even more enjoyable and easy to use with the keyboard, where you can actually feel it and type like on a real one.

Gemini smartphone with a full tactile keyboard was presented on the Indiegogo platform (image source). It interested many users and we recommend that you bring your attention to it as well. How convenient would it be to have an actual keyboard, instead of clicking on the onscreen one.