GardenSpace – Multifunctional Smart Gadget for Gardening

Many people around the world have gardens where they grow vegetables, fruit or flowers. But gardening isn’t an easy thing – you have to do a lot of things to keep your plants healthy. The new fantastic Kickstarter project may help with that.

It’s called GardenSpace and it’s basically a robot that is smart enough to do almost all the gardening for its owner. First of all, the robot needs to be connected to Wi-Fi and the water supply system. After that, you have to adjust all settings in the smartphone app where you can name everything that grows in your garden. The app also contains helpful advice for gardening beginners.

GardenSpace – Multifunctional Smart Gadget

Once the robot knows everything, it creates the watering schedule taking into account every parameter including weather, humidity, and so on. When the robot “senses” that the soil or air is too dry, it starts watering the plants automatically. The water flow strength is adjustable and it’s quite powerful – the standard water distance is 3 meters. The water can also be used for scaring off animals, especially rodents.

Apart from that, GardenSpace is equipped with a 360-degree camera which monitors all plants in real time and alerts the user of any emergencies. Finally, the smart gardener doesn’t require any charging because it’s powered by solar batteries.

GardenSpace is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.