Kickstarter: Garden Smart Gadget to Monitor Beds

The summer is here, which means that a lot of people to their country houses to get some rest from work. One of many advantages of having a small cottage in the countryside is that you can grow vegetables and fruit yourself. However, this can be time-consuming. That’s why gadgets can be a great help here. One of them has recently been launched on Kickstarter and it’s called Tertill.

Garden Smart Gadget review

Tertill is a smart robot for the garden that is sort of a vacuum cleaner for vegetable beds. Its main objective is to monitor beds to get rid of other weeds. The device is resistant to dust and water, and it’s powered by a solar battery, so it’s completely wireless.

Tertill is a very smart robot. When it comes near a weed, it can distinguish it from actual vegetables. If it is something that isn’t supposed to grow near vegetables, Tertill will use a special scythe to cut the weed. The scythe rotates at a huge speed, so the process is seamless and efficient.

Because it’s a smart gadget, it always comes with an accompanying mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The app will inform users about the results of the robot’s work, display its technical condition and give necessary advice. The app also controls the robot – its main functions will be displayed on the screen of a mobile device.