Kotion Gaming Headset Over Ear Headpones

This headset is offered in very bold and bright color combinations, black and red, and black and blue. Both combinations set a winning mode! These over the ear headphones are made out of ABS and PC material. This makes them durable and reliable. The headband itself is made out of high quality tungsten steel material, that will not break. The earmuffs are comfortable, and hug the ear. Smooth and soft, they provide comfort and pleasure, and at the same time do not trap heat. In thickness they are about 20mm, that block out any other foreign sounds and noises. On them, are also LED lights, that add to the gaming atmosphere.

KOTION EACH G9000 Gaming Headset
Over Ear Headphones with LED lighting

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To add to all that, these earphones come with a microphone. The microphone also helps reduce different noise. It is rotatable to bring closer to the mouth. However, it picks up the sound of your voice from a distance, and does not need to be aimed exactly at your mouth. Conversations are sure to be clear and free of all noises.
The cable itself is 7.22 ft, with a 3.5mm connector, making this headset compatible with just about everything. The cable is durable, as well as made to prevent different ties and tangles, and it also includes a volume controller, and a mute button. The headset itself only has a weight of 309 grams, which is light and makes it easy to bring them along on different occasions.
KOTION EACH G9000 gaming headset is made to provide with the greatest experience in the gaming world. With these headphones, you will be set in the mood, as well as dive into the game. Sound will be sharp, clear, and loud, as well as speaking to your opponents will be easy. The price is affordable, and previous users are leaving positive feedback.
KOTION EACH G9000 Headset Over Ear  Headpones for PS4