GameSir New Wireless Game 2.4G Keyboard Mouse Combo Presale

GameSir VX E-sports AimSwitch Wireless Game 2.4G Keyboard Mouse Combo is an ultimate choice for professional online players, that you can connect with your PC, PS4, NS, Xbox and Android smartphones. The preset fast-responding keyboard with side buttons provides you with an easy and convenient control. Moreover, the side buttons can also be preset for better compatibility. The GameSir Agility X™technology is a guarantee of an instant connection with the console.

Moreover, the keys are situated in a way that perfectly fits your palm movements. This set supports Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Switch and PC. Additionally, the keyboard can be connected to the smartphone to configure the movements. It can be connected wirelessly to your computer to ensure higher convenience. With a turdy design, it looks professional, convenient and modern.

GameSir New Wireless Game mouse

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