Useful Mini AI Gadget For Blind People, But Not Only

As a result of the OrCam MyMe, you’re likely to have a simpler time keeping track of who you meet and how long you spend with them. The OrCam MyMe is a little camera device you may set in your breast pocket or attach to your clothing. The gadget was created for people that experience visual impairment and it’s light to carry. It’s an AI-smart wearable camera with face recognition that allows you organize people that you meet in circles.

The MyMe digital assistant is helpful since it allows a blind person to read printed info without needing to wait around for somebody else to read to you. The MyMe is supposedly an artificial intelligence vision system which will assist the user to understand his or herself better, and offer an augmented attention experience. The MyMe could allow you to set weekly goals for how long that you want to spend with significant individuals in your life, as an example.

The system responds to an easy and intuitive gesture, a point of your finger, or the press of one button. It is quite different from other technology that has been developed before. In essence, it is very simple, and designed to be intuitive. It scans and recognizes people in actual moment, whether or not it sounds useful, it may be that.