Functional USB-C Hub for MacBook, Ipad and iPhone

When a year ago Apple released new 12’’ MacBook with a single USB-C port, it became obvious that for more connectivity people would have to buy something else. As a result, special MacBook docks with multiple ports and slots have recently gained a lot of popularity. For this review we chose one of the most affordable ones available on the market: the Satechi Type-C Pass Through USB Hub.

Due to its design, this dock complements really well with MacBooks. It’s made of aluminium and available in three colour options: gold, silver and space gray. These match exactly the colours of Apple’s MacBooks.

Another advantage of the hub is its compactness. It’s small and lightweight (18g) which means you can easily fit it in your purse or bag, so that you could use your USB-devices everywhere, including iPhones, iPads or other mobile devices.

Verbatim Aluminum Type-C Dual Hub for MacBook

Verbatim Aluminum Type-C
Dual Hub MacBook USB Adapter

Now – the most important feature of the hub – connectors. Along with the USB-C pass-through, it has two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a SD-card slot and a microSD slot. The hub works well with both cards at the same time. All these connectors in one dock substitute four different adapters.

So, with its portability and a reasonable price the Satechi Type-C Pass Through USB Hub is an excellent addition to your MacBook. It will always provide you with an easy access to your USB-devices, even an iPhone or an iPad or any other smartphone devices connected to the laptop due to this multi-tasking accessory.

Functional USB-C Hub for MacBook, Ipad and iPhone