Vinci Hearable Best Functional Smart Headphones

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter doesn’t cease to surprise with the diversity of mobile devices. Recently, a start-up from San Francisco launched its new product on the website and it’s definitely worth checking out.

It’s called Vinci. Vinci is a pair of “smart” headphones which transforms the music experience completely. They work without a smartphone – they have built-in voice recognition reacting to your requests. To start playing a song, you just need to tell the headphones so. You can choose any style of music or a particular singer. Plus, Vinci is able to do other things, like telling time or weather. Basically, it’s a voice assistant inside a pair of headphones.

Vinci are fitted with a 3.2 touchscreen display, so that you could switch songs, add the song to your playlists, and so on. The headphones are powered by ARM Cortex A7 processor and 1GB of RAM, literally like a small computer. Plus, there are 16GB of internal storage for all your favourite songs.

Vinci can also serve as a fitness tracker – they can count steps, measure your heart rate and calories burned. In terms of battery time, it’s good for 10 hours of enjoyable stereo Hi-Fi audio playback. By the way, it’s 50 hours if you play the songs via Bluetooth.

Anyway, Vinci is a true innovation in the world of audio electronics. Although the product has already raised enough money, you can still visit its Kickstarter webpage to learn more or pre-order the device. The shipments are beginning in April, 2017.