LCD Display Functional Wooden Smart Desk Alarm Clock

Wooden Smart Alarm Clock
This Smart Desk Alarm clock is featured by a wide array of handy functions. For instance, it has an alarm built-in to ensure you never miss anything important. Additionally, the wood clock measures and displays current temperature and humidity for you to have up-to-date information. In case it is too humid in a room, you can always fix it. The WIFI clock also provides timely and accurate weather forecasts. Finally, the gadget has a built-in calendar. For greater user experience, the screen is LCD type. The smart device can be connected to your smartphone, synchronize, and import necessary data to make your days even more vivid.
Smart WiFi LCD Wood Alarm Clock
The LCD Display Smart Alarm Clock is made of wood. It looks very modern and stylish. Additionally, it is quite compact, 17.50 x 12.50 x 4.10 cm big and weighs 370 grams. It is a perfect idea for a gift to your loved ones. You can also use it anywhere, because it is small and fits any interior. Finally, it efficiently uses the available resources, so it is also eco-friendly.
In the package, it comes with a USB cable and power adapter for recharging.
This functional Smart Desk Alarm Clock will be able to surprise you with its capabilities. Powered by modern and creative design, with wide array of functions and possibility of WIFI smartphone connection, this clock will bring new colors to your life. Additionally, it is also a perfect gift: compact and portable. Never be late with this Smart WIFI LCD Wood Alarm Clock!

LCD Display Functional Wooden Clock
Smart Desk Alarm Clock

Wooden Desk Smart Alarm Clock