Functional Charging Dock for MacBook and other Apple Devices

Despite the worldwide acclaim and a great demand for MacBooks, Apple laptops aren’t free of a couple of flaws. Of course, people often complain about the lack of connectivity options, too little internal storage or too weak batteries that don’t last for long. But for all these problems there’s an excellent solution – Line Dock.

This accessory is basically an aluminium stand which has the same width and height as your MacBook (12, 13 or 15 inches). Line Dock is kind of an addition to a laptop – all you need to do is put it beneath the MacBook.

But there’s more – Line Dock offers you a lot of helpful features, extending the functionality of your laptop. The accessory has a bunch of ports: MiniDisplay, USB 3.0, USB-C, HDMI and even an SD-card slot. Besides, Line Dock is equipped with a powerful, 20.000mAh battery which charges up the laptop and prolongs its working time. The built-in cooling system ensures that your MacBook doesn’t overheat in any conditions. And last but not least, Line Dock can serve as an external hard drive, as it’s fitted with 1TB SSD.

The device is also very useful if you have an iPhone. This aluminium plate has 4 spots for wireless charging. So, to power up your iPhone, just place it on this device and it’ll get charged quickly.

The manufacturers of Line Dock have already raised the required amount of money in Indiegogo, so the production will begin in the beginning of 2017. If you want to pre-order this marvellous, multi-featured device visit Indiegogo.