Functional Anti-theft Duffle Backpack for Travel

Those who travel often, know that finding the perfect duffle bag or backpack can be a real hassle. However, modern designers are coming up with unique items. Let’s take a look at the Korin Design FlexPack, that is the best functional anti-theft duffle Backpack. The FlexPack has one of the best designs for traveling. This anti-theft duffle Backpack can be fully collapsed when it is not being used, and when it is needed pop it up and put it together in just seconds. It provides with plenty of storage space for all of your needed travel items, including compartments for tablets and notebooks.

Anti-theft Duffle Backpack for Travel

One of the best features, is the anti-theft protection and a retractable steel wire coil allowing you to attach it to items. It even has an RFID magnetic strip, that helps keep all of your credit card information secure and fully protected. All zippers are durable and are actually fully explosion proof.

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Another unique feature, is the separate compartment for your power bank, as well as an outlet, for easy charging of all of your USB powered mobile devices. The should strap is very comfortable for carrying it and all of your heavy loads, and is detachable as well. It order to prevent the bottom from getting dirty, there are tough legs to place it on. The backpack has all of the same features but in a different form, for those who prefer carrying on their back.

This FlexPack Pro and FlexPack Go travel bags are one of a kind. Look into them if you travel often and need something similar. They are currently being offered on the kickstarter platform, for the best price yet, so bring your attention to it.