Best Selling Functional and Stylish Smart Watch

The company Garmin, one of the leaders on the smartwatch market, and Vivomove is certainly different from any other smartwatch. Many people care about their health and enjoy some kind of fitness activities but most fitness tracking watches on the market look bulky and not stylish at all. Vivomove, however, has a classic and fashionable look that would complement you nicely even if you’re wearing a 3-piece suit. There is also a number of different bands, compatible for your various outfits and activities.

As for its fitness tracking abilities, the Vivomove is able to count your steps, recognize your activity level and also monitor your sleep. It’s water-proof to 50m but that’s not really helpful considering it doesn’t track swimming. As you can see, it’s not very much in terms of fitness tracking but you have to sacrifice something in favour of elegance and beauty.

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The Vivomove features a changeable CR2015 battery that lasts for a year. The activities can also be monitored via the Garmin Connect app (available for iPhones and smartphones on Android and Windows). So, the Vivomove from Garmin isn’t the most functional smartwatch but it surely is the most stylish one. It may be less smart but it’s more of a watch.