GGMM Full metal In-ear Dynamic Turbo Stereo Earphones

GGMM In-ear Dynamic Turbo Stereo Earphones come with a rectangular fake leather case with slots for headphones and additional cups (there are 6 pairs of silicone cups in different sizes). Honestly, there is no actual functionality in this case, as it is too big to carry around (maybe only very nitty-gritty people would like to use this on daily basis). Also, these earphones have anti-split technology, therefore there is little need in the case. Instead, you can use a fabric bag that is way smaller and also comes in the package.
GGMM EJ302 Cuckoo In-ear Dynamic Stereo Earphones
In addition, these earphones are made of metal (aviation aluminum), that decreases chances of breakage of melting because of accidental lighter touch or something like that. Moreover, this material is a little more eco-friendly than usual plastic.
Left and right earphones are indicated by letters, cut in the rubber wire seal, but tactile indicators are missing. It is quite interesting that sound ducts are unusually narrow, covered with a net. Headset operation block is well-built, and the only button for incoming calls has a firm press. Wire separator is similarly made of metal and individually designed, and the jack plug is straight. They provide clear, crisp sound, it is not very “airy”, but this airness isn’t even necessary here. As a headset, they work well too.
Given all the above, GGMM EJ302 Cuckoo In-ear Turbo Dynamic Stereo Earphones are a pretty nice statement accessory. If you really appreciate good design and can indulge in it every day, go for this model, otherwise you would pay additional money for details you won’t notice in a week of use.

GGMM Gold Plated Jack plug Full Metal
In-ear Dynamic Turbo Stereo Earphones

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