ORICO Full Aluminum Universal Cooling Stand for Laptops

When using laptop computers often they tend to overheat. After overheating, our laptop computers usually tend to work slower and less efficiently. It can take quite some time for them to cool down. In order to make the process quicker and a bit more convenient, many turn to different cooling pads. The market is wide with different kinds, but for this review, we have taken the ORICO NA15 Cooling pad Laptop Full Aluminum Ergonomic Universal Cooling Stand for MacBook Notebook Computers.

This ORICO Notebook Cooling Stand is made to be extremely durable. It is made out of aluminum plus natural rubber, which is safe and high in quality. The overall size of this cooling pad is 33.00 x 26.00 x 5.80 cm, making it large enough to fit laptop computers of 15 inches in size. Weight of this pad is 810 grams, which makes it rather easy to fit in any bag, along with your laptop, to use in other places, even outside of your home.

ORICO NA15 - SV Full Aluminum Cooling Pad

When the laptop is placed onto the ORICO Universal Notebook Cooling Stand, it is at an angle of 8 degrees. This actually makes it rather comfortable to use, as a relaxed viewing angle is provided. Your laptop computer is made to cool down, thanks to the rather powerful 200RPM fans that are installed below. These fans are powered by a USB interface, which makes it convenient to plug in. There are two fans to be exact.

When working, the noise level of this ORICO Ergonomic Cooling Pad is just 21dB. Such a level does not provide with any disturbance, making it great for usage in any public place, or in a home with small children or elders. Silver color of this pad is rather stylish and trendy, but at the same time is neutral to fit the preference of just about anyone.

ORICO NA15-SV Laptop Cooling Pad is a great item to look into. The price of it is rather affordable, and the quality is great. It will help keep your laptop computer cool, which will prolong its life and the excellence of its working ability. This cooling pad is convenient and comfortable for many other great reasons as well.

ORICO NA15 Cooling pad Laptop Full Aluminum
Ergonomic Universal Cooling Stand for MacBook Notebook

Full Aluminum Universal Cooling Stand