Front Bike Light 200m Distance Waterproof Bicycle Headlight

There are a couple things to think about prior to buying bicycle headlights. A bicycle headlight is a favourite bike accessory that benefits not just the rider. Deciding on a bicycle headlight that delivers some of the greatest visibility is critical. The perfect bicycle headlight is one that’s waterproof so that it operates in the pouring down rain, and you may recharge it upon your PC. Utorch SF Front Bike 3 Lamp Beads Bicycle Headlight is a great gadget for people who like to bike a lot. Made of aluminum alloy, the headlights will work in any weather. IP67 waterproof design will also protect the light from rains. The large 35cm adjustable strip will make you feel comfortable but will also attach the lights securely to your head. The irradiation distance is more than 200m.

200m Distance Waterproof Bicycle Headlight

The lights would work for 4 hours on the high mode, around 6 on the medium mode and 12 hours on the low mode. Find the perfect balance! They are powered by an 8.4V battery which needs to be purchased separately. 3 lamp beads will illuminate your road and make your ride more enjoyable!

  • aviation aluminum alloy
  • Light strip: 35cm (adjustable)
  • 8.4V battery pack
  • Voltage 8.4V
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Lumens: 1200LM
  • Irradiation distance: more than 200m
  • Life time:
    High mode: up to 4 hours
    Medium mode: 6 hours
    Low mode: 12 hours

Front bike light 200m Distance Waterproof Bicycle Headlight

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