Best Folio Case for MacBook Laptops

Despite the wide range of various sleeves and cases for MacBooks on the market, there aren’t so many folio cases that could fit a 15-inch laptop. This type of accessories is more used for smaller laptops or other mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. However, Capdase attempts to change this with their 15’’ MacBook Pro Folio.

First off, we have to talk about the material. In this case, it’s premium leather which gives the case a sleek, even business-like look. But it’s not just a beautiful, soft-to-touch accessory – the case provides all-around protection for your MacBook from dirt, water and scratches. To close the case securely, there’s a magnetic flap. Many people don’t really think that magnetic clasps are reliable but this one keeps your laptop safely in place. Plus, as the case is quite compact, you can just put it in a backpack and pull it out whenever necessary.

Due to its design, the case can be opened like a book for immediate access to the MacBook, you won’t even need to take the laptop out of the case. Wherever you are, you may open the case at any minute, put it on your lap and start working on the laptop. Be sure that your device is still protected while you’re busy. Two elastic straps at both top corners will hold the screen. This folio-case was designed specifically for 15-inch MacBook, so the fit is ideal, with access to every button, port and control for optimal work.
By the way, the interior is quite striking – it’s green, which is a big contrast to the exterior.

Capdase Folio case for 15-inch MacBook Pro is an excellent protective accessory. Combining elegant exterior and colourful interior, the case is quite a catch for MacBook Pro users.

Folio Case for MacBook Pro

Folio Case for MacBook Pro