Xeuanhwol R7 Folding Design Smart Electric Scooter

Different scooters have always been popular. Now a days, they are even popular among adults, as a way of transportation. Electric scooters have become available on the market quite some time ago, but recently they have gained some more advances for a better riding experience. For this review, we have chosen the Xeuanhwol R7 Folding Design Smart Electric Scooter to observe.

This electric scooter is made out of high quality aluminum alloy material. This makes it lightweight being 15 kilograms and 800 grams in weight. The size of this electric scooter can be adjusted depending on the height of the rider. The seat can be adjusted anywhere from 59 to 76 cm starting from the pedal, and the handle can be 100 cm, 107 cm or 114 cm. 14 cm pedal is also covered with anti slip coating. 8 inch rubber tires also have a non slip texture for safe riding.

XEUANHWOL R7 Electric Scooter black

Xeuanhwol R7 electric scooter can also be easily folded and later unfolded with just one switch. Built in, it has a 240W motor that provides with a riding speed of up to 30 km/hr, and up hill grade-ability of 30 degrees. This scooter is made to withstand weight of about 100 kilograms. As well as all that, it has a 8.2Ah Li-ion battery installed, that is made to charge to the fullest in about 4 to 6 hours, for riding up to 30 km. This electric scooter is also offered with a 5.2Ah battery, that provides with about 20 km of riding, and the price of it is lower.

The handlebar of this scooter, has a 4.5 X 2 cm display that provides with information on the amount of battery left and the speed. For your personal safety when riding, this scooter has loud speakers, and bright front and breaking lights. For breaking, this scooter has a brake on the rear of the scooter, as well as a digital brake on the handlebar.

XEUANHWOL R7 electric scooter is powerful and strong. Made out of durable material, it will provide with many years of riding. One can use it for pleasure or as a way of transportation. It is safe and reliable, as well as trendy.

XEUANHWOL R7 Electric Scooter