New LG Foldable Screens for Smartphones

Apparently, LG Display hit the jackpot – according to ET News, the company will be shipping foldable screens to technology giants: Apple, Microsoft and Google. Really, it doesn’t get any better than that.

LG Display contested the right to ship flexible smartphone screens with the operating unit of Samsung. There has been a lot of talks about Samsung’s new screen prototypes and the company’s intentions to extend their influence in that sphere. At the same time, LG engineers were silently designing their rendition of a foldable screen. According to some insiders, LG already has a working prototype of an out-foldable display panel. Plus, its functionality is said to be very impressive.

A Korean publisher states that both Samsung and LG have invested more than $11 mil in the production of new-generation flexible displays. However, October figures say that Samsung produced around 95% of OLED-displays.

Nevertheless, LG won this competitive “battle” and the company will provide Apple, Google and Microsoft with their screens. According to some rumours, in the next two years Apple plans to release iPhone 8 with an OLED-display, so it can easily be flexible. Plus, Google has recently entered the smartphone market with their Pixels. So, we can expect some curious releases in the upcoming years.