Handy Ergonomic Rechargeable Shaver For Men On Promo Sale

Shaving is quite a challenge. Firstly, because it can be time-consuming, but also it can be harming and annoying. With RQ5588 Five-knife Rechargeable Electric Shaver, you would be able to solve at least some of the issues. The shaver features ergonomic design so it is very convenient and you feel comfortable. Rotary five-blade floating blades and three-dimensional cutter head structure also ensures that shaving is fast. You will be able to save a lot of time.

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The LED charging indicator will always keep you updated and you will never discover that the power is off in the middle of the shave. Speaking of this, the shaving knife will work up to 15 days assuming that you shave 2 minutes per day. And getting it to the full charge will not even take a night. Finally, the waterproof design will allow the shaving knife to be washed directly under tap water.

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