Best Most Advanced TICKR X Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

In our hectic modern life it is not always easy to carve out some time for exercise. A lot of us would have to admit, it is just plain exhausting and often there seems to be no immediate result about it and most of us loose track and quit. But then it also very necessary to be in good health, so what can we do?

Luckily there are solution that will keep you motivated and well organized. Behold Wahoo Fitness Ticks X personal exerciser assistant. Well actually, it is called a heart rate monitor or HRM, but considering a ton of extra features packed into this light wrist band you may as well call it a personal trainer.
No more mindless running around trying to convince yourself all the way that you are doing this for your own good health. Now you have a goal to achieve, to set new records and gradually to achieve new heights of personal fitness.

Best Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor,

The Tickr X is one of the most advanced Wearable and feature packed heart rate monitors on the market today. It is capable to work on its own or to be connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth. It also has its own memory, so you can review your exercise statistics later on when you get home.

This smart gadget is compatible with a number of existing exercise tracking apps that will provide you with most detailed info about your performance so you can keep track and improve your fitness day after day. From now on you will be able to monitor your heart rate, running cadence, amount of calories burned, distance covered just to name a few.
Comfortable stretchy band and simple design allows you to begin using Wahoo Tickr X right away. Weighing just 8,5 grams, with a battery lasting up to a year, this water proof Hi-Tech device may become your best assistant in your quest for better health.