Samsung Note 7, Why the Explosions Occurred

On 23rd of January Samsung is going to reveal the results of their Galaxy Note 7 investigation and everyone will finally know why the explosions occurred in the first place. However, Wall Street Journal, a quite trustworthy source, has already published this information.

According to WSJ, the main reason of Note 7 malfunctions was the fact that all batteries have irregular size. That’s what led to overheating and catching fire. But there is another issue – the process of battery manufacturing wasn’t flawless either. Galaxy Note 7 was fitted with two types of batteries: from Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology. At first, Samsung suspected that only Samsung SDI batteries were subject to explosions. In reality, even Amperex Technology had the same problem.

As a reminder, Samsung will officially announce the reason of Note 7 incident in a couple of days. The company already lost around $5 bill. And 96% of all Note 7 devices had been withdrawn. By the way, Samsung had a meeting with the U.S. Government and shared the results with government officials. Apparently, they were satisfied with the rate of investigation. Also, Samsung representatives assured everyone that the company would test their devices more thoroughly in the future.