First Officially Introduced Flexible Display Full Active Flex

Today, the topic of flexible displays is becoming more and more popular. We’ve already seen similar technology in LG and Samsung patents but these companies were focused on OLED displays. Anyway, nothing came close yet to actual announcements or presentations. Until now.

On January 25, the company JDI officially presented a new flexible LCD Display on their website. The device is called Full Active Flex. The flexibility in this display comes from two layers of plastic above and beneath the main LCD layer. It doesn’t fold as well as OLED-displays in Samsung patents but it’s quite suitable for smartphones and other mobile devices.

The new display supports FullHD resolution and has a number of various refresh rate figures: 60Hz, 30Hz and 15Hz. The latter can be really helpful because low refresh rate increases battery time. Among other interesting features we should mention 1500:1 contrast ratio and 50 cd/m2 brightness.

The mass production of FULL ACTIVE FLEX will start in 2018. According to Wall Street Journal, JDI already attracted a few smartphone makers and will cooperate with them. Besides, JDI hopes that the application range for these displays will be broader. In the future, we could see flexible displays in laptops and on car dashboards.