First Portable Internet-Powered Migo 3D Printer

3D-printers are one of the biggest tech advancements of the recent time. Today, scientists can even print human organs on them and it’s not even the limit. However, all 3D printers are quite massive. That’s why a portable one may become a real best-seller. In fact, the company MakeX has a device just like that – it’s a First Portable Internet-Powered Migo 3D Printer and it’s been recently launched on Kickstarter.

Internet-Powered 3D-Printer

Migo is a relatively compact gadget which would certainly fit on a desk. It weighs only 2.5kg and has a special handle, so it can be carried around easily. The device has a modular design with high-quality components. Migo works right after you plug it in – it’s equipped with a USB-C port.

Migo is a reliable and durable gadget: the printing head moves smoothly and efficiently, the auto-levelling function corrects any deviations and the platform heats up quickly and uniformly. As a result, users get high-resolution products with smooth surfaces. The printing speed can range from 100mm/s to 200mm/s. Besides, the printing head can be replaced with a 500mw laser head for laser engraving and creating compositions on surfaces like wood, leather or plastic.

Portable Internet-Powered 3D-Printer

Migo 3D-printer is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for the early bird price. The first shipments are planned for August 2018.