The First Intelligent Music Player for Retro Fans

Despite the whole digital technology development and the diversity of music gadgets, there are still many people who appreciate and love listening to older vinyl records. But that’s not only old people – even young audiophiles often buy expensive players, amplifiers, etc. to create the most amazing sound atmosphere in the house. But people, who want to go minimalistic, should definitely check out a very peculiar vinyl music player called LOVE.

This gadget unites past and future in one. LOVE consists of two parts: a flat, rounded base and a rotating reader located above the base. The reader has a built-in sensor that recognizes the size of a vinyl record and the number of tracks on it.

First Intelligent Music Player

The process is instantaneous – right after the record is placed on the player and under the reader, the sensor gets the whole information. Controlling this music player is easy with the official smartphone app (available for iOS and Android device). The app allows users to skip to the next track, stop the music or put a particular song on repeat. That’s what makes LOVE a “smart” gadget.

As vinyl record sales have increased by 60% in the last years, we can say for the sure that LOVE music player will be in great demand from music lovers around the world. Right now, users can already pre-order the device on Kickstarter. Early birds can get LOVE for $299.