Samsung Fold – First Commercial Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Unpacked 2019 opened with a truly groundbreaking device – Samsung Fold. The smartphone opens up like a book and it’s fitted with two displays. When folded, it’s a compact smartphone a 4.6-inch display on the front but it gets much bigger if you unfold it – the Fold transforms into a 7.3-inch device. Here are a few other notable features:

  • Hinge – Samsung used a proprietary hinge design which is supposed to stay reliable for a long time. Plus, it’s totally invisible once the phone is unfolded;
  • App continuity – if the user opens an app on a smaller display, they can continue using the app on a bigger display without any delays. Moreover, the Fold supports 3 app multitasking, so that you could operate with 3 apps on one screen simultaneously;
  • 6 cameras – the rear camera has 3 modules and it’s similar to the Galaxy S10 camera. As for front cameras, there is a 10MP sensor on the smaller display and two more (10MP and 8MP) on the bigger one;
  • Whole lot of power – this includes a tough octa-core processor (probably Snapdragon 855), 12GB RAM, 512GB of storage, two batteries with total 4380mAh, 5G support, and so on.