First Edible Robot Is Invented in Switzerland

If you think that robots are only made from metal, you are wrong – some robots are crafted from unusual materials. In fact, scientists from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne created the world’s first edible robot which can be quite helpful in medicine.

In order to make it, Swiss scientists used gelatine and glycerine. Gelatine proved to be especially effective for making flexible manipulators which basically look like tentacles. As a result, robots are completely harmless to people. Every little detail, from controllers and sensors to battery, are totally edible. What’s more, because the robot is made of such materials, it will just dissolve inside the patient’s body. Unfortunately, the robots aren’t exactly delicious. Their main application is, of course, medical – they can assist doctors in surgeries or transport medicine to a certain part of the body.

In the future, scientists hope to make more functional robots. As they are safe, easily digestible and don’t cause allergies, the components for robots can contain vitamins or medicine. That way, the robots could be equipped with additional elements for more functionality.