First Smartphone Display with Built-In Fingerprint Sensor

The idea of integrating a fingerprint sensor in a display appeared a long time ago. Several big companies, like Apple, even have a few patents describing different methods how to realize this technology. But Goodix went the farthest in this area. During MWC the company unveiled the world’s first fingerprint sensor fitted in the AMOLED-display. The invention is called In-Display Fingerprint Sensor.

According to Goodix representatives, this technology transforms a certain area of the display into a biometric scanner. As result, manufacturers don’t have to fit the sensors into the Home button or on the back of the device.

Among the advantages of In-Display Fingerprint Sensor a few were named: fast functioning speed, low energy consumption and compact size. What’s more, this display has a wide application range. It can be installed on all kinds of smartphones and tablets even including the ones with thin edges around the display.

The question of when such displays will appear on mobile devices remains unanswered. Perhaps, more details will come later this year.