First Cashier-Free Store Opened in China

The idea of having employee-free retail stores and supermarkets became quite interesting. Amazon already opened a store like that and there are other curious projects. Now, there’s another one – Suning Commerce Group, one of the largest Chinese retailers, opened the country’s first cashier-free store in Nanjing.

The intelligent system installed in the store identifies customers using the special system. A customer must come up to a screen to be identified and then start shopping. Once shopping is done, people won’t need to stand in lines to cashiers. According to Xinhua, when a person exits through the special passage, the payment is completed automatically with the help of the FinanceSN payment system.

This project is a great example of how technologically developed Chine is becoming. Earlier in August, Nanjing also became home the newest intelligent logistics center Suning where almost 20 million different products are stored, sorted and transported on a huge storage area (around 200 thousand square meters). A high level of automation and the use of modern technologies now allows coping with huge commodity flows without almost any human participation.